Cash for Cars Program

24 Hour Cash For Cars

It has happened to all of us. That shiny car we bought a decade ago is now a sagging eyesore, with a cracked engine block and flat tires. Or perhaps our work car was involved in an auto collision and is no longer functional. When that happens, most people ask, “What is the best way to junk my car?” Many people are afraid that they will have to pay someone to take the car off their hands, or go through a lengthy and troublesome process of finding a buyer.

Nothing could be further from the truth, however. By taking advantage of a cash for cars program, the owner can have the junk vehicle removed with a minimum of paperwork and actually be paid for the vehicle on the spot. The old car will be picked up, removing the eyesore even as the owner receives his check.Cash for Cars Program

Does it Matter What Condition the Car is in?

No. The car does not have to be drivable in order to take advantage of the cash for clunkers deal. Whether it is an older vehicle or completely non-drivable, the owner can easily dispose of it with a cash for clunkers deal. The vehicle will be towed away by professional workers, allowing the former owner to reclaim his or her driveway. Even better, the 24-hour pick up guarantee ensures that the car will be quickly removed once the deal is finalized.

Finally, all the paperwork is handled for the owner. There is no need for a time consuming and annoying trip to the DMV, insurance company or having to wait by the mailbox for letters to sign. Once the car is sold, the former owner never has to worry about his or her clunker again.

Effective Cash for Clunkers Deals in the New York Area

In the New York area, New York City Cash For Cars is the best option for getting rid of any type of old or junk car. In addition to serving the New York area, auto owners in Bronx and other areas surrounding New York can take advantage of this trouble free and moneymaking service.

Remember that with a cash for clunkers deal, the eyesore that is currently taking up the driveway can be transformed into money in the bank. Start the process by calling 718-542-6110, or by filling out this simple online quote form.

Some of the ares we are proud to service include, but are not limited to, the following: